Cameron Mankin

Cameron Mankin

Lecturer on Digital Media


Cameron Mankin earned a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art (Printmaking) from the University of Virginia and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Chicago. He has extensive experience with digital media and teaches a course in the Digital Studies program entitled “Digital Media I: Game Design with Unity” (Winter). He also teaches in the University of Chicago’s undergraduate program in Media Arts and Design.

Cameron is an artist who makes prints, artist’s books, and sculptural installations that investigate the role of reason and rhetoric in the arrangement of public space and personal identity. Working primarily from found archives (news site banner images, apartment floor plans, and grainy security camera footage), he employs traditional print and bookmaking techniques to approach delicate systemic problems with a tongue-in-cheek rigor. The material properties of paper and ink set measurements and catalogs to collapse under their own unwieldy weight. The resulting projects vibrate between love letter and biting rebuttal — both addressed to vernacular image-making that goes unquestioned in our day-to-day lives. Cameron lives and works in Chicago. His website is here.

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