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The Forum for Digital Culture is the center and meeting place for digital arts and humanities at the University of Chicago.

The Forum’s three pillars are:

    • Teaching students via an innovative curriculum in Digital Studies consisting of an M.A. degree program, a Ph.D. certificate program, an undergraduate minor, and non-credit tutorials on digital tools and skills.
    • Research support for faculty and student projects in all branches of the arts and humanities through all stages from the initial acquisition of digital data to its final publication online.
    • Public engagement with scholars and the wider community via lectures, conferences, exhibitions, and educational activities.

Staff, Courses, and Resources

The staff of the Forum for Digital Culture all have an academic background in the humanities or a related discipline. They use and develop software for scholarly research on texts, images, maps, music, cinema, video games, and other cultural media. Practical engagement with coding and data equips them to understand digital computing and engage in discussion and critique of its cultural, social, and philosophical implications.

In addition to teaching courses and tutorials in Digital Studies, the Forum’s staff provide consultation and support for faculty projects, drawing on the many computational resources available in the Forum and in other units of the University of Chicago. As part of its support for research projects, the Forum is developing an innovative Online Publication Service for digital materials created by scholars to make them permanently accessible and sustainable.

Contact Us

Please send email to for more information about the Forum for Digital Culture or to schedule a project consultation.

If you have questions about our master’s degree program or other academic programs in Digital Studies, please send email to

Watch a video of the event announcing the University of Chicago Forum for Digital Culture on May 22, 2023, with Anne Walters Robertson, Dean of the Humanities; David Schloen, Faculty Director of the Forum; and Patrick Jagoda, William Rainey Harper Professor and Director of the Weston Game Lab.

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