Crystal Beiersdorfer

Crystal Beiersdorfer

Lecturer on Digital Media


Crystal Beiersdorfer is a new media artist and instructor. In her art practice, she examines how the body and digital spaces blend and clash against one another. Her work also explores how users engage with technology and its control over their personal beliefs and daily routines. Crystal’s artwork has been shown across the United States, internationally, and virtually in various exhibitions and installations.

Crystal earned bachelor’s degrees in both mathematics and fine arts from Youngstown State University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Chicago. She is an instructor in Media Arts and Design in the University of Chicago’s Department of Cinema and Media Studies, where she teaches studio art courses exploring digital art construction, digital culture, and identity, as well as augmented and virtual reality construction. She teaches “Digital Media II: Extended Reality with Unity” (Spring) in the Digital Studies program of the Forum for Digital Culture.

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